Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Cruise

We are back from our cruise. We had a fabulous time and will be going on another cruise as soon as possible.Everything was so easy and fun. Most of you have heard about it more than one time already, so I decided just to do the slide show. I will warn you there is 153 pictures. I highly recommend Royal Caribbean and will cruise with them the next time.


The Bryant's said...

Thank you for updating! :) I do love your slideshow and I think you managed to hide some of my fat rolls!

Gram said...

I love all the pics! The only cruise ship Scott and I were on was 16 years ago for our 20th anniversary and it was a Royal Caribbean too. It was so much fun.

amy said...

love the cruise pics!

just wanted to tell you again that i really appreciate you coming down for Granny's funeral. it was good to see you again. next time, we'll have to plan it for a happier occasion and when we'll have more time to spend together. maybe another girls weekend like we did for Nik's bachelorette weekend!!