Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coach Finley

Burt is coaching baseball again this year, so that takes up alot of his time. He is the most easygoing coach I have ever been around in my life, even when the lose 19-2. I am so proud of the way that he interacts with these kids. It is good to know that kids do have great role models to look up to.

Of course we had to have a picture of Sahadut pitching. I think this kid eats, sleeps and breathes baseball.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Triple Play

So, today we signed up for the comcast triple play, which is cable, internet(yea!!!)and phone for one low price. So far I love it. I am most excited for the DVR that we replaced our old box with. I finished my crocheting project, but it turned our to be nothing. It is not even wide enough for a scarf, but hey it was great practice. Burt has started baseball, so that is taking up most of his time these days. That is really not much, but better than nothing